Sasang Market 1914

integrated Branding


Sasang Market which has had nothing since 1914. 

To stay with us all the time and develop a new. We

expressed a harmonious image of the various markets.


Veria, Branding

The VERIA was newly created to lead the new marine leisure sports market change, and symbolically expressed the meaning of the high-class yacht brand.

Virus Mask

MC, integrated Branding

The MC was established to manufacture and supply related filters, filters, sorbents and masks to environmental protection such as industrial filters 

and fust masks.

Yeongdo Market

Bongrae Branding

The store operated with a long history was designed to express the meaning of continuing the tradition of the famous Bongnae Market and connecting each other.

Underwater Drone

Develop Guide

Underwater drones that can be used and utilized for various marine situations, including search for life, survey of structures, cleaning of the sunsets

아침의 반란 

Experience of Morning

아침의 반란 long-term know-how, made with mom’s warmth and love of home-cooking, has created an

easy and enjoyable morning experience.

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